The Dashain festival of the Nepal (essay)

Introduction: Dashain is also called 'Bada Dashain' or 'Vijaya Dashami'. In general, it is celebrated by Hindus in Ashwin or Kartik of the Nepali year or October according to the lunar calendar. Dashain is celebrated as the symbol of the victory of virtue or truth over sin or falsity. The Dashain festival has been celebrated since Lord Ram and Goddess Durga defeated Ravan and demons, respectively, in Hindu mythology. Durga is worshipped as the goddess of strength.
Dashain is celebrated for fifteen days, but each day has a different meaning. The first day is called "Ghatasthapana", on which people sow barley, maize, and wheat seeds in dark corners to grow yellow. The seedlings are called 'Jamara'. The seventh day is ' Phoolpati '. On this day, Goddess Durga is worshipped. People bring various fruits and flowers to Durga Temples. The eighth and ninth days are called "Maha Asthami " and "Maha Navami " respectively. On this day, people offer the sacrifice of different animals such as goats, buffaloes, etc. The tenth and most significant day of Dashain is "Vijaya Dashami". All junior members receive 'Tika' on their foreheads from their elders and ' Jamara ' over their ears. Elders bless them on that day with happiness, health, prosperity, and long life. The last day to bid farewell to Dashain is "Kojagrat Poornima". During this festival, all offices and schools remain closed for at least ten days in Nepal. They return home to celebrate this festival with their families who are away from home. Everybody looks happy and the weather is pleasant, neither too cold nor too hot. Generally, people enjoy tasty food, stylish clothes, and swings. The happiest kids are those who receive Tika, which provides them with stylish clothes and crisp notes. Everyone in the family gathers together and shares their experiences. The festival offers us a chance to strengthen brotherhood, mutual cooperation, and positive relations. Dashain festival helps us to enhance our joy, but some people regard it as a competition by borrowing money. According to the size of our throat, we must swallow the bone. It is also not right to sacrifice innocent animals during the festival in the name of the goddess Durga. It is essential to understand that killing those creatures will not satisfy the gods, but killing our evil attitudes and behaviors will. Dashainhain will be blissful for everyone only after that.

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